You don’t need to use this website any more!

In case you missed it, since December 1st 2019, your minutes to 1890, 1850, 0818 and 076 numbers should be included in your mobile minutes bundles, and should therefore cost you no extra on your mobile bill. From a ComReg announcement back then:

From 1 December 2019, calls to 1850, 1890, 0818 and 076 Non-Geographic Numbers (NGNs) will cost no more than calling a landline number and will be included in your bundle of call minutes if your bundle includes landline calls.

You should note that all calls to these NGNs (including 1850) will be deducted from bundles on a per minute basis or, in the absence of a bundle, charged on a per minute basis. Calls to 1800 numbers from both landlines and mobiles remain free. This means that organisations that currently provide NGN services will be easier to access.

If you have any concerns in relation to your current price plan, check with your phone operator. Also, you can visit ComReg Compare to compare plans.

For further information on NGNs, please see our webpage

4 Responses to You don’t need to use this website any more!

  1. Ian 25th June 2020 at 22:24 #

    It’s not just “mobile minutes” where calls to 1850, 1890, 0818 and 076 numbers are included in allowances, it is any phone package with inclusive calls to landline numbers – whether on a landline or on a mobile.

  2. Loraine 12th September 2020 at 08:52 #

    If that’s the case, I’m delighted to hear it. I’ve been using this page for years. Many thanks!

  3. Stephen 25th September 2020 at 12:04 #

    Whilst I understand that the vast majority of users of this website were people concerned about the cost of calling NGN numbers from mobile, and thus wanted to use the standard landline numbers, and thus with the ComReg announcement this will make this concern redundant. However there are situations were the use of NGN numbers is a problem and we still need to be able to use standard landline numbers.

    My situation is that I sometimes use Skype to make calls and Skype does not recognise or support Irish NGN numbers, so I have to use a standard landline number.

    I have also experienced situations when calling a some 1890 numbers from a mobile, the call will not connect, it immediately dropped. Yet when I call the standard landline equivalent number it connects just fine. I suspect that the operators if these NGN numbers allow for the blocking of receiving calls from mobile phones, possibly to alleviate the cost of their portion of the call.

    In short this website is still useful, I still use it, and I still wish to submit alternative numbers for inclusion in your directory, but your Contact page for this is now going to a 404.

  4. Squirrel 20th July 2021 at 08:42 #

    Delighted to hear this news but please keep this website alive… it has gotten me out of a pinch whilst travelling internationally! Thanks for all your efforts!

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