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Some tips on how to find geographic alternatives

HelpIn this earlier note, I refer to the automated e-mail that you’ll get if you e-mail me asking to find a geographic alternative for a particular 1890 / 1850 / 0818 number.

This e-mail provides some tips on how to seek out a geographic alternative number without my assistance. If you do manage to find it, it’d be great if you e-mailed me back to share what you found so that I can share the information with everyone else.

Here’s the e-mail:


This is an automated response.

If you’re sending geographic alternatives, I will update the website asap.

If your’re asking about alternative, can you please first check this web page – http://bit.ly/krHGPD – if it’s there, then I cannot find an alternative.

Otherwise, could you please:

1. Go to the Contact page on the website of the company, find the number you have now. Is there a “from abroad” number? Companies provide these numbers also while promoting their 1890, 1850 or 0818 numbers.

2. Do a Google search for the number. Sometimes other websites will provide alternatives for numbers.

3. If you haven’t sent me the 1890 / 1850 / 0818 number, I won’t be able to find an alternative. Please do so now.

If you’ve found the number, e-mail me I’ll share it with others. If not, please bear with me.

If I can find it, I’ll let you know. And if I can’t, I’ll ask the website users if they can help.

Many thanks for using SayNoTo1890.com.

Editor, SayNoTo1890.com



Some things to note when e-mailing SayNoTo1890.com

HelpMany thanks to everyone who uses this site, and to those who make contact. Over recent times, I’ve received a few e-mails which have frustrated me to the point of prompting this note:

  • This is not a telephone directory website – it will not have every number that you’re looking for. If you can’t find it, you can e-mail me and if I have time, I’ll try to find it.
  • When you e-mail me, you’ll get an automated response with instructions on how you may be able to find geographical alternatives yourself. If you follow those instructions, and find the alternative number, it’d be great if you could e-mail me back with the details and I’ll share them with everyone.
  • If you are e-mailing me looking for a number, the odd “please” or “thank you” wouldn’t go amiss. I do this in my spare time, at my own expense so, in the meantime, I save myself the grief any more by ignoring you.
  • There’s no point e-mailing me with your own business’ phone number. This is not an advertising website – much less, a free one. If you run a business and provide an 1890, 1850 or 0818 phone number, you’d be providing your customers a much better service by deleting those contact details from your website and just providing a regular phone number – leave out the middleman.



Requesting Geographical Alternative Numbers

HelpWe’ve had a number of e-mails from people asking if there are geographical alternatives for particular 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers.

We’re happy to follow up on these requests – indeed, I’ll be publishing some of these in the coming days. However, if you’re asking for alternatives for particular companies, please give us the actual number that you want the alternative for.

So, as well as giving the company name, please give us the 0818, 1890 or 1850 number that you want the alternative for also.


We want some insider information

Recently, I published this listing of companies that are very careful to make sure that no geographical alternative numbers can be found for their 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers.

That’s sort of understandable for companies who provide 0818 numbers since they’re making money from our phone calls to them.

Still, we want to save money for ourselves when making these calls rather than further boosting the profits of the companies involved, so we need to find geographical alternatives for those companies.

So, if you work for a company that does have a geographical alternative number that could be called instead of their published 1890, 1850 or 0818 numbers, we’d love to hear from you.

You can use our contact pages to let us know the numbers, or post a comment on the site. I won’t reveal where I got the information from if you want to keep your privacy. There have already been a series of numbers provided to this site from insiders working for the company concerned without any issues.

We’d love to hear from you if you have numbers that can help us all save some cash on these calls.


Note for those submitting numbers to SayNoTo1890.com

saynoto1890 iconJust a note to some people who think that SayNoTo1890.com can be used for free advertising. If you think about it, being listed on this site is really a reason for shame rather than self-promotion.

If you’re a company that only provides an 1890, 1850 or 0818 number (or makes it almost impossible to find a geographical alternative), and thereby makes it more expensive for many of your companies to contact you, then you’re pretty much failing at your customer service.

So, if you’re a company that doesn’t actually have an 1890, 1850 or 0818 number, then there’s really no point e-mailing me your phone number to get it listed here – we don’t need it as people can already find it on your website.



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