Low call, high cost (The Irish Daily Star)

Irish Daily Star LogoI was just alerted to this over the weekend. At the end of January, this website made it into the Irish Daily Star, which you can see here.

Low call, high cost
Irish consumers are needlessly paying out up to €5 a time to call ‘low-cost’ numbers such as those beginning LoCall 1890 or 1850 Callsave — even though they could get the calls for next to nothing. That’s according toSaynoto1890.com. The site points out that popular phone deals with inclusive minutes exclude calls to LoCall 1890 numbers, Callsave 1850 and national 0818 calls from their minute bundles and it provides cheaper alternatives.

If you see the website mentioned anywhere else, or if you hear it mentioned on the radio anywhere, please let me know.

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