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September 2016 – 45 Numbers updated on SayNoTo1890.com

This evening I have made updates to the website whereby upwards on 45 numbers have been updated. There are about 20 new numbers added, while 25 number updates / clarifications have been made.

Please note that there are about another 50 updates pending, and once I confirm the numbers involved, I’ll get those numbers up on the site also.

To everyone who has contacted the site providing updates, feedback, corrections and new geographic alternative numbers, many many thanks. Without your help and assistance, the website wouldn’t be the great resource that it is.

February 2016 – Geographic Alternative Numbers Updated Across the SayNoTo1890.com

First of all, a very big thank you to the many hundreds of people who contact me through this website providing geographic alternatives that they’d found or were already using. In the last couple of weeks, I think I’ve updated and added nearly 300 numbers on the site.

That means, as of today, this website now provides geographic alternative numbers, allowing people save money on their mobile phone calls, broken down as follows:

  • 390 geographic alternative numbers available for 1890 numbers
  • 130 geographic alternative numbers available for 1850 numbers
  • 120 geographic alternative available for 0818 numbers

house keeping imageNew Alternatives for 1800 and 076 Numbers

Based on feedback received from a number of people using the site, it seems like it would be of benefit to start tracking geographic alternatives for 076 numbers (internet phone numbers of which more soon) and 1800 numbers.

With that in mind, there are now about 15 geographic alternatives for 076 numbers, and approximately 30 alternatives for 1800 numbers.

The 1800 number issues is interesting as these numbers are supposed to be free, but I’ve been told by a few people that their particular mobile phone deal actually BLOCKS calls to 1800 numbers. (If you’ve found that, please let me know more below). I’ll come back to this issue later as well.

TINA – There Is No (Geographic) Alternative

Most people using this site will be familiar with the one or two companies (SKY in particular) who will do anything possible to ensure that no one every finds a geographic alternative to their 0818 numbers. In total, since the website started, there are the following stats on where no geographic alternative has yet to be found:

  • 0818 – 30 numbers with no geographic alternatives
  • 1890 – 40 numbers with no geographic alternatives
  • 1850 – 10 numbers with no geographic alternatives
  • 1800 – 1 number with no geographic alternative

Thank you, and Please Share

Thank you again to the hundreds of you who are passing on your geographic alternatives all the time – it’s very much appreciated, and it’s of benefit obviously to everyone using the website. And thank you to the thousands of you using the site, and saving money, every week.

To try to make the site even more useful, it would be great if you could share this site with your friends, family and colleagues.

SayNoTo1890.com Update Now Completed

House KeepingOver the past number of weeks, I have addressed the almost 250 outstanding e-mails that I’ve received from users of the website – many thanks to everyone for your time and effort in sending suggestions and requests through.

This has resulted in an update to approximately 180 numbers on the website – either new numbers or updates to existing ones.

There are no over 500 geographic alternatives available on this website, helping you save money when making phone calls.

The breakdown of geographic is around about what I would have expected (though not sure why I’d expected these numbers):

1890 alternatives – 60%

1850 alternatives – 25%

0818 alternatives – 15%

Many many thanks again to everyone who has e-mailed the website in the past. There are so many e-mails, I couldn’t respond individually to each one, but please note that I have read and followed up (in one way or another) on every e-mail received.

Don’t forget, you can reach me via this contact page if you have any geographic alternative numbers to be included on the website, or if there are any numbers that you would like me to try to find alternatives for.

Updates to website numbers are on their way

House KeepingMany many thanks to the hundreds of people who’ve e-mailed me here with new geographic alternative numbers over the last few months. My apologies for the tardiness in making the updates to the website to reflect this new information, but over the coming weekend I will be updating all the necessary pages with the new numbers provided.

Please keep the e-mails and comments coming – the more geographic alternative numbers we can share around, the more money we can all save on calling these 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers.

Welcome to SayNoTo1890.com – This Website Will Save you Money

This website will save you money on your phone calls to 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers. Irish consumers are needlessly paying out up to €5 a time to call “low cost” telephone numbers like those beginning 1890 — even though they could get the calls for next to nothing.

This is because many organisations and businesses are encouraging their customers to ring their LoCall 1890, or 1850 Callsave, or 0818 National Call telephone numbers at local call rates costing 4.9c a minute in the daytime and 1.26c off-peak.

Click here for an the A to Z listing of geographical alternatives to 1890, 1850 and 0818 number that will save you money.

Click here for the A – Z listing.

But popular mobile and landline phone deals with inclusive minutes exclude calls to LoCall 1890 numbers, Callsave 1850 and national 0818 calls from their minute bundles, hence representing an additional but unnecessary cost to the consumer.

This website will provide Irish consumers with geographical alternative telephone numbers to use instead of the 1890, 1850 and 0818 supplied by Irish Businesses, allowing Irish consumers save some money.
So, if you’re calling from a mobile and use a geographic alternative number instead of a 1890 / 1850 / 0818 number, you can save up to 40c per minute on your calls.

So, save yourself money by using this website on your mobile phone, or on your pc. Say no to 1890 call costs, forget 185o call costs, and say bye bye to 0818 costs. And use this website to do all that, for free.

Updates coming Soon – apologies for the delays

House KeepingMany many thanks to all the users of this site who’ve e-mailed in comments and new numbers over the past couple of months.

My apologies for not acting on them sooner, but I will be updating the site in the next couple days, so your new numbers, your comments and your updates should be available at least by Monday morning.

Please don’t let my tardiness stop you contacting the website either – nothing is being ignored, and everything will eventually make it onto the website.

Website update now completed

House KeepingAfter much feedback from users to my previous website design for SayNoTo1890.com, I have made some changes. Hopefully people will find this version of the site a lot more user friendly.

Please let me know your thoughts – drop me an e-mail, or leave a comment below.

Website undergoing changes!

House KeepingDue to website visitor feedback, I’m making some changes.

The new website should be available on Saturday morning, March 12th.

Please call back then.

In the meantime, thank you for your feedback.


editor, SayNoTo1890.com

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