Dermot, January 2013

This is a pet hate of mine and I value your site highly as it saves me wasting money.
Do you know if there is a way to find out the number of people who are operating on a price plan or package that includes all their calls to landline numbers in Ireland? This might well be useful in convincing companies to display their geographical number in addition to the 1890 or 1850 numbers. If you know how it can be done, I am willing to do some leg-work to get the answers.
Also, could a campaign be mounted to encourage Leo Varadkar to implement the changes that he so advocated when he was in opposition? And to push for a definition of who, in government or otherwise, is responsible for the foolishness that exists, ie that a system that was supposed to save people money when contacting an organisation is actually costing them extra money. Again, I am willing to give some time to help with this.

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