Antoinette, May 2013

Hi There, I came across your website when I just put into search “what are 1890 numbers”, having just noticed for the first time the charges on my Vodafone bill for calls to 1890 numbers, and so many companies use the 0818 / 1890 / 1850 etc. My question is why? Why do so many companies have these numbers…., what is the benefit to the company? And why do you think the mobile phone providers don’t include them in their packages when they are so widely used? It is not something they share with you when you sign up for your agreed package, they will tell you 400 free minutes but I don’t ever remember them saying to me “but not to 1890 / 0818 or 1850 numbers”, they should. If you call an 1890 number from a landline, is it still costing more than just calling the regular 01 +++ number? I am just wondering who these numbers are benefiting?, and they should be obliged to advertise that the locall only applies when dialed from a landline.

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