Why I have advertising on SayNoTo1890.com

I do not receive any financial assistance from any company or organisation in order to run SayNoTo1890.com. Unlike other “voluntary” consumer organisations, I do not receive, and subsequently waste, any government funding, or fees and expenses from government quangos or state agencies. SayNoTo1890.com does not accept specific advertising or sponsorship from any source. All expenses required to manage this website are funded from my own personal finances.

Additionally, I believe that to accept any such financial assistance would endanger the websites independence and its ability to best watch out for the interests of Irish consumers in the face of all challenges – telecom companies, government, business, retailers, regulators and quangos and other supposed independent consumer organisations.

SayNoTo1890.com does present a number of Google Adsense panels in order to gain some small earnings in order to partially offset the costs of running the website e.g. domain costs and hosting fees. The content of these adverts are outside of my control, and the presence of any particular advert anywhere on the website in one of these panels does not necessarily indicate a recommendation from SayNoTo1890.com.

You should therefore be aware of the Privacy Policy for this site (and ValueIreland.com), the Google Adsense Privacy Considerations related to the advertising presented on this site (and ValueIreland.com), and the Comments Policy for both sites.

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