Finally, a geographic alternative for Greyhound, 1890989998

Greyhound LogoFinally, thanks to a user of SayNoTo1890, we have a geographic alternative number for the Greyhound 1890989998 number.

In what has been the most the most requested geographic alternative number that I can remember since setting up this website (well, maybe apart from SKY), a user of the site has very kindly sent me through the geographic alternative for the Greyhound 1890989998 number.

So, instead of dialing 1890989998, you can now call instead – 014612800 and save yourself money on the call.

From various readers, I understand that Greyhound have been very keen to try to direct their new customers ONLY to the 1890 number, but now we can save money by using the 01 number instead.

It’s worth remembering that Greyhound have a couple of other 1890 numbers, all of which have geographic alternatives on the “G” page of this website. Hopefully they won’t try to disable these geographic alternatives – but if anyone notices any changes, please let me know.

PS – to the  so called “innovation” company who stole all the numbers  that I, and the users of this, website have gathered since 2007 on this website so that they could charge people €1.50 for their iPhone app – I know that you don’t have this Greyhound geographic alternative, and I know that you will probably use this blog post as an “inspiration” for your next app update.

Update: November 2014 – Some feedback from other users of the site have indicated that there are various numbers that do work for the Greyhound alternative – please see the “G” page of this website for more details.

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