0818 Numbers pretending to be mobile numbers

I wrote before about how the MoneySavingExpert had an interesting observation on how call centre operators in the UK were quoting the 0870 number (0870 being the UK equivalent of 1850 and 1890). According to the blog, from here:

Twice in the last week I’ve been given 0870 numbers to dial, yet rather than being told the number is 0870-123-123, both times it’s been told to me as 087-012-3123. Thus the call operator is never actually saying the phrase 0870. Cunning devils…

I don’t think this will be as easy to do in Ireland here, what with all our numbers beginning with zero – it won’t be so easy to “hide” a number quotes as 189-0123-123 or 185-0123-123. It might be a little easier to get away with it for the 0818 number – 081-8123-123 at least fits into the Irish formatting.

Of course, in Ireland at the moment, apart from this website, there’s very little comment or complaint about companies only providing 1850, 1890 or 0818 numbers.

If you're reading this, you're probably on a PC with internet filtering, or a poor connections, so you're missing a picture of someone hiding an expensive 0818 number as 081

Mobile 081 number, or expensive 0818 number

So far, I have seen just one company print their number on their vans of 081-8….. I think this is a little disingenuous by the company concerned.

Have you noticed this being done by anyone else? Let me know, and we’ll out them here!

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