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LoCall numbers that don’t add up for consumers

LoCall numbers that don’t add up for consumers

The Irish Times

Monday February 9th, 2015

Donal O’Connor asks whether it would be possible for us to comment on 1890 – so-called LoCall – numbers. He points out that a lot of public utilities use only these numbers, and, depending on your provider, calls to them can cost up to 35 cent a minute. He is not wrong.

Numbers prefixed 1850, 1890 or 0818 are sometimes referred to as Callsave or LoCall numbers. They are not classified as national or local calls, so operators generally do not include calls to these numbers in any free minutes they offer as part of a monthly fee.

Calls to 1850 numbers are charged at a flat rate per call. Calls to 1890 numbers are charged per minute, normally at local call rates for fixed-line providers.

The cost of making the same call using a mobile can be as high as 35 cent a minute. While many large organisations advertise their LoCall numbers as if they were entirely for the consumer’s benefit, they don’t make any mention of the potential cost.

The better companies will point to their regular “geographic” numbers too.

Saynoto1890.com is a website that has a comprehensive list of alternatives to 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers, as does the app Forget 1850.


Beware imitations – SayNoTo1890.com has been ripped off

Forget1850.comIt has been brought to my attention over the weekend that a company has stolen pretty much all of the phone number data from the SayNoTo1890.com and created their own version of this website for which they’re charging consumers to use.

This is sad for me for so many reasons.

With the kind help of the users of this website, there is 5 years of work gone into SayNoTo1890.com to compile a listing of numbers which will save consumers money on their phone calls, and are available for all to use, free of charge.

To now have a company steal all this work and try to profit from it completely misses the point of why this website was set up in the first place.

I have compared the numbers from this site with the numbers they’re making available – and while they are providing some extra numbers not available here – they have definitely copied the numbers from this website – even the incorrect ones.

It’s kind of ironic really – someone rips off an anti-ripoff website.

So, it’s worth remembering, if you really want to avoid any costs when calling 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers, then using SayNoTo1890 (even on your mobile) is the only way to do it.




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