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  • Easons
    • 1890998880 – Call Instead 018448815
  • Eazypass / EasyTrip
    • 1890676768 Call Instead – 018613200
    • You could try 018613201 – other website users have used this successfully.
  • EasyQuote.ie
    • 1890399399 Call Instead – 0494332944
  • EBS (Educational Building Society)
    • General Enquiries 1850654321 Call Instead – 016658000
    • EBS Direct Business 1850654321 Call Instead – 016658000
    • Home Insurance 1890642222 Call Instead – 016658000
    • Card Services 1850654328 – Call Instead 016658080
  • eCars Charging Points
    • 1890372387 – Call Instead 012583799
  • EcoBaby
    • 1850525253 – Call Instead 016205050
  • eFlow Customer Service
    • 1890501050 Call Instead – 014610011
  • EirClouds
    • 1890253321 – Call Instead 091500777
  • Eir (was Eircom) Customer Service
    • Eir Customer Support 1800773729 – Call Instead 1901 (see below if that doesn’t work)
    • Eir Sales 1800503303 – Call Instead 1901 (see below if that doesn’t work)
    • 1901 – Call Instead 017015609
  • Eir (was Eircom) Broadband
    • Customer Service 1890260260 – Call Instead 017015609 (or you could try 01678 8888, but you may have to ask to be put through to Broadband support)
    • Or try 1901, then enter your telephone number when asked, then option 3, then option 2.
  • Phonewatch (was Eircom Phonewatch)
    • Customer Service 1850211765 & 1850753753 Call Instead – 012135278 (or try 012076100)
    • Sales 1850500900 Call Instead – 012135271  (or try 012076100)
  • Elavon
    • 1850202120 Call Instead – 040225405
  • Electronic Arts
    • 08702432435 Call Instead – 00441483463000 (this is a UK number, so use on Skype or if you have UK minutes bundles)
  • Emo Oil
    • 1850366645 Call Instead – 0578674760
  • Electric Ireland (formerly ESB Customer Supply)
    • Customer Service / Billing 1850372372 Call Instead – 018529534 or 018035145
    • New Connections 1850372757 Call Instead – 0214947260
    • ESB Switching Team 1850305090 Call Instead – 018529534
    • Help Desk 1890372111 – Call Instead 018529534
    • Residential 1850305085 – Call Instead 018529534
    • Business Services 1850372787 – Call Instead 018529534
  • Energia Customer Services
    • 1850363744 – Call Instead 018692000, and ask for customer service
    • 1850300700 – Call Instead 016965400
    • 1850405405 – Call Instead 018692000
  • ESB Networks
    • Customer Service 1850372757 – Call Instead 0214947260 or 0212386555
    • Fault Reporting 1850372999 – Call Instead 0212382410 or  0214947260
    • Meter Reading 1850337777 – Call Instead 0212386444 (do it online for free)
  • EZ Living Furniture
    • 0818222272 – Call Instead 091532131

SayNoTo1890.com in Irish Times Pricewatch

The Irish Times LogoFollowing on from a story in the previous weeks edition, Conor Pope referenced SayNoTo1890.com in his Pricewatch column on Monday May 18th.

The article, Just Say No Lo , went as follows:

Just say no Lo

Our item about lo-call numbers attracted a large response from readers who were similarly annoyed by the practice of mobile and landline operators not including 1850 or 1890 numbers as part of their bundled minutes and charging as much as 35 cent a minute for calls to them.

“This is the first time I have encountered anyone who has the same sentiment I have about these numbers,” writes a reader by the name of Valerie. She has an Eircom bundle which gives her free local and national calls but not free lo-calls. She has a plan to circumvent the problem, however.

“Being retired, I check websites first to see if they provide numbers for people ringing from outside Ireland, then ring that landline number. It works. It drives me crazy when I’m told it’s lo-call when I actually have the option of it being a free call. My view is that it is another way of conning the public and I’m amazed no one has taken this up with Government departments,” she concludes.

Another reader named Richard said the best way around lo-call numbers was to use the alternative local number.

“It can be a little bit of work finding it, but I normally use the excellent Say No to 1890 website www.saynoto1890.com/a-to-z/ ”.

He was just one of a number of readers to cite the website, which has also featured on this page in the past.

And a third reader from Kerry says that, when it comes to over-priced 1890 calls, the “worst culprit is the Government”. He says it is “nearly impossible to contact any Government department”, but when he called Comreg and his local TDs he got the runaround.

Nice to get the mention, and nice to see that the reaction of the users of the site. Thanks to whomever made contact with Conor.


Lo-Call comes at a high cost (The Irish Times)


the irish times logoThe Irish Times

Conor Pope

Monday, May 26, 2008

SOUNDING OFF : Ripped off? Stunned by good value? Write, text or blog your experience to us

Stan Conroy in Dublin wrote to ask if we had noticed how many advertisers and service providers are increasingly using 1850 and 1890 “lo-call” contact numbers. “Nearly all government public services now use these numbers,” he says, and while on the surface it might seem like a good deal for consumers, it actually can work against people.

“Many telephone subscribers have Eircom or BT bundles (and there must be tens of thousands) which include ‘free’ local and national calls but with the notable exception of calls to 1850 and 1890, for which there is a charge. So for us 1850 and 1890 calls are anything but ‘lo-call'” he writes.

“1850 calls are charged at the local rate irrespective of duration while 1890 calls continue clicking up cost as the minutes go by.

“As most 1890 calls are to call centres this can build up to be significant cost. By the time you go through all the menus and then hang on for someone to answer, 10 minutes can easily go by, at a cost of about 50c, and that’s before you start to discuss your query. If you could deal with a call centre in 10 minutes that might be ok but experience tells me that it can be much longer and often means a call back to get all the information I require.

“Many of my non-public services are happy to give me a local number when I ask, for example, for AIB, BOI, Hibernian Insurance, Anglo Irish Bank.

“But State services have a reluctance or an inability to give out a local number.”

He accepts that the individual cost per call is not enormous “but the cumulative amount lining the coffers of Eircom etc must be significant”.


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