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This website is something that I just work on in my spare time, on and off, since 2007. In that time, the site has had hundreds of thousands of visitors. (I wonder how much money has been saved in total over the years).

Below are a selection of the nice comments that people have taken the time to send in about SayNoTo1890.com. (Honestly, there’s only been two or three negative comments – I’ll come back to them later).

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Not SayNoTo1890.com

Do Not CopyA lot of work has gone into collating the list of phone numbers that’s available on this website.

I fully appreciate that the information is available in the public domain, but it’s still frustrating when people just copy & paste everything to try to make money off the back of the work done here.

Even if it is said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, the following is the rogues gallery of people who’ve helped themselves to the free listing of information here and then tried to charge people for the same information elsewhere.

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One man’s guide to saving thousands of euro after cuts

The Irish Examiner LogoOne man’s guide to saving thousands of euro after cuts
The Irish Examiner
Friday October 18th, 2013

JUST like most Irish citizens, James O’Donovan felt the pinch when the recession struck.

Since then, a succession of austerity budgets along with salary cuts cost him dear. He responded by tackling austerity head on — identifying ways to combat it — and has so far managed to save his family thousands of euro a year.

I also use www.SayNoTo1890.com to avoid dialling 1890 numbers.

“I dial the local equivalent to avoid fees as these are not part of free local/national calls. Most 1890 numbers have a local national equivalent.”

He estimates annual savings of at least €75.

So as you can see, with some simple smart spending tips, taking the four budget cuts above, you can more than cancel the impact of Budget 2014. You can even gain substantially if you can afford to do some home improvements or venture into property investment.


Numbers awaiting investigation for geographic alternatives

Sometimes I don’t always have the time to immediately follow up on requests e-mailed through to me where people have 1890, 1850 or 0818 number that they’re seeking geographic alternatives for.

As of January, 2015 I’ve almost caught up with all the requests e-mail through.

The following, however, is a listing of numbers for which I haven’t yet been able to seek out any geographic alternatives.

Maybe you can help out if you, too, are seeking geographic alternatives for any of the numbers below. Post a comment below if you manage to find any useful geographic alternative numbers.

  • Supervalu Online Rewards Helpline – 081831323
  • Belkin Support – 0818555006
  • Currys (Knowhow Team) – 1890818575
  • Direct Holidays Ireland – 0818200105
  • Zanussi Ireland – 0818543000
  • Irish Broadband – 1890929029
  • Gaiety Theatre – 0818719388
  • Samsung Customer Support – 0818717100
  • Travel Councellors – 0818332003
  • AIB Merchant Services PCI Helpdesk  – 1890987080
  • BMW Customer Services – 1890719421
  • OriFlame – 1890920255
  • TaxSaver.ie  – 1850211777
  • Tesco Technical Support – 1890928569
  • Tesco Greystones 1890928461
  • Ulster Bank Business Cards Online – 1850812444
  • Wexford County Council 24 Hour Emergency Number – 1890666777
  • AIB Business & Agri Team – 1890478833
  • Arthritis Ireland – 1890252846
  • Zanussi Warranty Line 0818543444
  • Webrecruit Ireland 1890678080

SayNoTo1890.com Update Now Completed

House KeepingOver the past number of weeks, I have addressed the almost 250 outstanding e-mails that I’ve received from users of the website – many thanks to everyone for your time and effort in sending suggestions and requests through.

This has resulted in an update to approximately 180 numbers on the website – either new numbers or updates to existing ones.

There are no over 500 geographic alternatives available on this website, helping you save money when making phone calls.

The breakdown of geographic is around about what I would have expected (though not sure why I’d expected these numbers):

1890 alternatives – 60%

1850 alternatives – 25%

0818 alternatives – 15%

Many many thanks again to everyone who has e-mailed the website in the past. There are so many e-mails, I couldn’t respond individually to each one, but please note that I have read and followed up (in one way or another) on every e-mail received.

Don’t forget, you can reach me via this contact page if you have any geographic alternative numbers to be included on the website, or if there are any numbers that you would like me to try to find alternatives for.


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