Sharing the @SayNoTo1890 benefits with others

There are on average nearly 1000 people per day using this website, saving money on phone calls. The more people that use the site, the greater chance there is that we’ll continue to get more and more alternative numbers provided.

Click Tweet to share the @SayNoTo1890 benefits with othersWith that in mind, to try to encourage new users, and widen the appeal of the site even further, can I encourage you to post a tweet every time you use the site successfully and get an alternative number for an 1890, 1850, 0818 or 076 number?

Just click on the Tweet button on the right hand side of the page, in the menu bar.

This will bring you to a page, as shown below, which will allow you post a message directly from your Twitter account to your followers. (No access is required on the part of SayNoTo1890).

Sharing the @SayNoTo1890 message on Twitter

I’d very much appreciate if you could share. Thank you.

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One Response to Sharing the @SayNoTo1890 benefits with others

  1. M. Friel 9th August 2017 at 09:06 #

    I’ve just successfully used your brilliant service to by-pass the rip-off that is 1890 – thanks so much for what you do, and to everyone who helps keep these alternative numbers up to date.

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