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Can’t find a company or a number?

getting help finding numbers on this websiteIf you’re looking for a geographic alternative, you could first try here for some tips. In short, you need to search for the number (rather than the company) and you need to leave out any spaces – so, search for 0818123456 rather than 0818 123 456.

Alternatively, please click here to e-mail me the 1890 / 1850 / 0818 number you’re looking for which you’re looking for an alternative. I’ll do my best to try to find an alternative, or will see if the other website users can help.


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1890, 1850, & 0818 numbers being falsely advertised

I’ve written previously on this site about how I’ve noticed a number of organisations have advertised their 0818 number in such a way as to lead potential callers to think that the number was a mobile number  i.e. 081 8 etc., and potentially might not be as costly to call.

I’ve also highlighted how some organisations get it wrong on their websites – for example, flagging an 0818 number as LoCall, and so on. It’s hard to know whether such incorrect designations are intentional or accidental.

In a situation where an organisation might make money from people calling their 0818 number (and where it’ll cost callers more, possibly, than calling an 1890 or 1850 number, or a geographical alternative), it’s hard to not think that the “error” is more intentional rather than accidental.

There are, unfortunately, frequent examples of organisations advertising 1890, 1850 or 0818 numbers as “free phone” rather than the correct “LoCall” or “CallSave” designation. This is obviously (to me anyway) intended as an enticement for potential customers to call thinking it’s free – e.g. “sure why not, it’ll cost me nothing”.

But, as I said above, it’s not possible to determine motivations one way or another. Out of interest, here’s a listing of websites where I’ve found incorrect designations provided for 1890, 1850, and 0818 numbers.

I guess, at some stage, as well as flagging the errors here, I’ll eventually make contact with the businesses concerned to let them know the error of their ways and give them an opportunity to make updates.

If you’ve noticed this same phenomenon elsewhere, please let me know and I can update the rogues gallery below.

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LoCall numbers that don’t add up for consumers

LoCall numbers that don’t add up for consumers

The Irish Times

Monday February 9th, 2015

Donal O’Connor asks whether it would be possible for us to comment on 1890 – so-called LoCall – numbers. He points out that a lot of public utilities use only these numbers, and, depending on your provider, calls to them can cost up to 35 cent a minute. He is not wrong.

Numbers prefixed 1850, 1890 or 0818 are sometimes referred to as Callsave or LoCall numbers. They are not classified as national or local calls, so operators generally do not include calls to these numbers in any free minutes they offer as part of a monthly fee.

Calls to 1850 numbers are charged at a flat rate per call. Calls to 1890 numbers are charged per minute, normally at local call rates for fixed-line providers.

The cost of making the same call using a mobile can be as high as 35 cent a minute. While many large organisations advertise their LoCall numbers as if they were entirely for the consumer’s benefit, they don’t make any mention of the potential cost.

The better companies will point to their regular “geographic” numbers too. is a website that has a comprehensive list of alternatives to 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers, as does the app Forget 1850.


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