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Finding geographic alternatives for 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers for yourself

HelpI’ve been updating numbers on the website for the last few hours, but reading through so many of the e-mails that I’ve received, I feel like I have to write this blog post.

I’ve written about this particular topic a few times in the past.

Basically, I don’t provide a telephone directory service here, so e-mailing me demanding that I publish a geographic alternative for some company that you’re looking for, or claiming that it’s unreasonable that I don’t provide a geographic alternative for some company or another, means that I’m probably just going to delete your e-mail.

Just for kicks

I do this in my spare time, and for the most part, most people using this website understand that, and help out. And I try to help people help themselves – when someone e-mails looking for a number, and they receive the automated e-mail politely giving instructions on how they could find the alternative themselves.

I do ask in that e-mail, that if they do find the geographic alternative themselves, that they e-mail back letting me know so that I can publish the number and share it with everyone else.

5%. That’s the number of people who’ve requested a number, follow the instructions on the e-mail, and then e-mail me back with the number to share with everyone.

Still, I go on.

Finding geographic alternatives using Twitter

Someone recently asked in a comment what the geographic alternative for the Parcel Motel was. To be fair, there was no alternative number available anywhere on their website.

I found the number sometime after midnight on a Wednesday using Twitter. Simples.

Finding geographic alternatives using Twitter



Pinergy incorrectly advertising their contact number on TV adverts

As coincidence would have it, a couple of weeks ago on, I wrote about Pinergy and the other pre-pay electricity providers popping up here in Ireland, Pre-paying for your electricity is unlikely to save you money.

I have to say, I’m not a fan because of the implications that pre-paying electricty is cheaper rather than the fact that it’s actually more expensive. To me, it’s sort of preying on those who have little finances to play around with already.

And they haven’t done themselves again with some inaccurate advertising on their current TV advertising (and apologies for the dodgy screenshot):

Incorrect Pinergy TV advert - CallSave not LoCall

Now, technically, calling a CallSave number (1850) will generally be cheaper than calling a LoCall number (1890), so consumers won’t be disadvantaged by this carelessness, but to me it’s just a bad sign.

This is a company who’ve paid for national TV advertising, and they can’t get a simple thing like this right.

As a matter of interest, instead of calling 1850945020 (as in the advert) or 1850945021 (from their website), you could try calling their head office on 029 50830 instead and asking to be put through.



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