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Finding geographic alternatives for 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers for yourself

HelpI’ve been updating numbers on the website for the last few hours, but reading through so many of the e-mails that I’ve received, I feel like I have to write this blog post.

I’ve written about this particular topic a few times in the past.

Basically, I don’t provide a telephone directory service here, so e-mailing me demanding that I publish a geographic alternative for some company that you’re looking for, or claiming that it’s unreasonable that I don’t provide a geographic alternative for some company or another, means that I’m probably just going to delete your e-mail.

Just for kicks

I do this in my spare time, and for the most part, most people using this website understand that, and help out. And I try to help people help themselves – when someone e-mails looking for a number, and they receive the automated e-mail politely giving instructions on how they could find the alternative themselves.

I do ask in that e-mail, that if they do find the geographic alternative themselves, that they e-mail back letting me know so that I can publish the number and share it with everyone else.

5%. That’s the number of people who’ve requested a number, follow the instructions on the e-mail, and then e-mail me back with the number to share with everyone.

Still, I go on.

Finding geographic alternatives using Twitter

Someone recently asked in a comment what the geographic alternative for the Parcel Motel was. To be fair, there was no alternative number available anywhere on their website.

I found the number sometime after midnight on a Wednesday using Twitter. Simples.

Finding geographic alternatives using Twitter



Pinergy incorrectly advertising their contact number on TV adverts

As coincidence would have it, a couple of weeks ago on, I wrote about Pinergy and the other pre-pay electricity providers popping up here in Ireland, Pre-paying for your electricity is unlikely to save you money.

I have to say, I’m not a fan because of the implications that pre-paying electricty is cheaper rather than the fact that it’s actually more expensive. To me, it’s sort of preying on those who have little finances to play around with already.

And they haven’t done themselves again with some inaccurate advertising on their current TV advertising (and apologies for the dodgy screenshot):

Incorrect Pinergy TV advert - CallSave not LoCall

Now, technically, calling a CallSave number (1850) will generally be cheaper than calling a LoCall number (1890), so consumers won’t be disadvantaged by this carelessness, but to me it’s just a bad sign.

This is a company who’ve paid for national TV advertising, and they can’t get a simple thing like this right.

As a matter of interest, instead of calling 1850945020 (as in the advert) or 1850945021 (from their website), you could try calling their head office on 029 50830 instead and asking to be put through.



Updates to website numbers are on their way

House KeepingMany many thanks to the hundreds of people who’ve e-mailed me here with new geographic alternative numbers over the last few months. My apologies for the tardiness in making the updates to the website to reflect this new information, but over the coming weekend I will be updating all the necessary pages with the new numbers provided.

Please keep the e-mails and comments coming – the more geographic alternative numbers we can share around, the more money we can all save on calling these 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers.


Calling 1890, 1850 & 0818 numbers from Skype and other VOIP services

Help1890, 1850 and many 0818 numbers cannot be called from Skype or other VOIP services. So, if you’re overseas, for example, and need to call any of these numbers using your Skype service, you’re in bother.

You can, however, make use of all the geographic alternative numbers provided here on to call these companies.

So, in a situation where you want to call the Ulster Bank to ask them why their systems are broken again, you might try dialing 1850424365, but you’ll get an “Invalid Number” error.

If you’re abroad when you’re trying to make that call, you might be trying to dial +353 1850424365. Skype, however, will recognise this as an 01 Dublin number beginning 850 – not what you’re looking for.

Skype LogoSo, if you’re using Skype or other VOIP services, and need to call an 1890, 1850 or 0818 number, then go to the A-Z link page here and find the company you want to call, or use the search box (top right of this page) and type in the number (no spaces) you’re trying to call to see if there is a geographic alternative available.


Dublin City Council incorrectly advertising 0818 numbers as LoCall

I’ve written about this before, and will be following up directly with Dublin City Council, but here’s photo of one of their parking ticket machines where they’re describing the 0818 customer support number for “Park & Pay” as being “locall”. If you check out the “Call Costs” page, you can see this would have significant cost implications for mobile users (likely the only people calling this number).

If you're reading this, you're probably on a PC with internet filtering, or a poor connections, so you're missing a picture of a parking meter


Calling 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers from mobiles

HelpIn an earlier post, I wrote about calling 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers from Skype – basically the outcome was that you couldn’t and that you’d have to make use of the geographical alternatives provided here on

When it comes to calling 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers from your mobile phone, the story is a little different. You’re perfectly free to call these numbers from your mobile, however, based on the information on the Call Costs page linked above, calling these numbers will cost you more than normal calls.

The first thing to note is that mobile calls to 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers do not get deducted from your inclusive minutes on your mobile contract package.

So, when you’re forced to pay for those minutes, you could end up paying between 3 and 6 times the cost of calling the same numbers from a landling. Check out the Call Costs page to see what it will cost you for the mobile package that you have.

However, if you use the geographical alternative numbers presented on this website instead of the 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers advertised by many companies, then you won’t have to pay any extra to make those calls. The minutes, because they’re to geographical numbers, will be deducted from your minutes in your phone contract package.

So, if you know geographical alternatives to 1890, 1850 or 0818 numbers that you personally use, and you’d like to share them with everyone, you can mail us here to let us know.


Calling 1890, 1850 or 0818 numbers from abroad

HelpIf for any reason you’re in the United Kingdom, or anywhere else outside Ireland, and you need to call an 1890, 1850, 1800 or 0818 number, then this is the site for you.

Many of the numbers on this site are provided under the “calling from abroad” section of companies websites anyway – though maybe not made all that easily available in many cases.

Don’t forget to put the +353 before the numbers we’ve published here.



  • Tesco
    • Arthur’s Quay, Limerick 1890928403 Call Instead – 061412399
    • Carrick-on-Shannon 1890928418 Call Instead – 0719671551
    • Clondalkin 1890928440 Call Instead – 014593393
    • Crumlin Shopping Centre 1890928433 Call Instead – 014531263
    • Merrion Centre 1890928471 Call Instead – 012838274
    • Head Office 0080000225533 Call Instead – 012808441
    • Rathfarnham Shopping Centre 1890928464 – Call Instead 014931903
    • Dundalk Shopping Centre 1890928496 – Call Instead 0429332353
    • Dooradoyle Shopping Centre 1890928411 – Call Instead 061229933
    • Poleberry Waterford – Call Instead 051878000
    • Dundrum 1890928479 – Call Instead 012991030
  • Tesco Personal Finance
    • Personal Loans 1850520520 Call Instead – 012808441
    • Car Insurance 1890812123 Call Instead – 012901000 or 091501640
    • Insurance (RSA) – Call Instead 012901978
  • The Physio Company
    • 1890749746 Call Instead – 016799685
  • Thornton Recycling
    • 1850623623 Call Instead – 016202202
  • Three Money
    • 1800812102 – Call Instead 061203357
  • TicketMaster
    • 0818719300 Call Instead – 014569569
    • 0818903001 Call Instead – 016486000
  • A Tint Ireland
    • 0818919600 – Call Instead:
      • Dublin 019020300
      • Cork 0212355801
      • Wexford 0539382852
  • Tipperary Energy Agency
    • 0818222924 – Call Instead 0527443090
  • TippFM
    0818464464 – Call Instead 0526126222 / 0526127364 / 0526125441
  • TodayFM
    • 1850715100 Call Instead – 018049000
    • 0818220108 Call Instead – 061311422
  • Top Quote Direct
    • 0818222555 Call Instead – 0749128628 or 0749102397
  • Topaz Fuel Card Services
    • 1890323232 Call Instead – 091482900
  • Tesco Home Insurance
    • 1890812123 – Call Instead 012901000
  • TNT
    • 0818400600 – Call Instead 014635470
  • TNT Express (Shannon)
    • 0818400600 – Call Instead 061433900
  • Dublin Advice Centre
    • 1890334334 – Call Instead 016353600
  • Taxi Meter Verification (SGS Ireland)
    • 1890886228 – Call Instead 012950654
  • Traffic Watch
    • 1890205805 – Call Instead 0949049400
    • 1890989802 – Call Instead 0214976293
  • Treoir
    • 1890252084 – Call Instead 016700120
  • Two Men and a Truck.
    • 1890812106 – Call Instead 016426460
  • TAS Software
    • 1890882060 – Call Instead 014805207
  • Tropical Medical Bureau
    • 1850487674 – Call Instead 012804996
  •  TSG
    • 1890 987766 – Call Instead 0212355930

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