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Beware imitations – has been ripped off

Forget1850.comIt has been brought to my attention over the weekend that a company has stolen pretty much all of the phone number data from the and created their own version of this website for which they’re charging consumers to use.

This is sad for me for so many reasons.

With the kind help of the users of this website, there is 5 years of work gone into to compile a listing of numbers which will save consumers money on their phone calls, and are available for all to use, free of charge.

To now have a company steal all this work and try to profit from it completely misses the point of why this website was set up in the first place.

I have compared the numbers from this site with the numbers they’re making available – and while they are providing some extra numbers not available here – they have definitely copied the numbers from this website – even the incorrect ones.

It’s kind of ironic really – someone rips off an anti-ripoff website.

So, it’s worth remembering, if you really want to avoid any costs when calling 1890, 1850 and 0818 numbers, then using SayNoTo1890 (even on your mobile) is the only way to do it.




SayNoTo1890 now optimised for mobile on Mobile DevicesI’ve just installed something on the website now that should make using the website easier on your mobile phone. I’m still testing it at the moment – it’s working only okay for me right now on Android. And it seems to be fairly functional on the iPhone as well.

So, forget paying any money for an 1850 / 1890 / 0818 app – follow the steps below to add SayNoTo1890 to your home screen on your mobile phone and save yourself some money – by avoiding 1890 / 1850 / 0818 call costs, AND avoid paying out money for apps that this site does for free.

What to do?

Go to whichever is your normal browser on your mobile phone, and navigate to The A-Z page should open up from there and give you the links to access any of the pages containing the geographic alternatives.

If you want to turn this into a (sort of) app, use your mobile phone browsers functionality to “Add shortcut to Home”. That’ll put the SayNoTo1890 icon onto your screen for easy access in the future.

Your thoughts

I’d appreciate if you could try this out to see if it works okay for you, and if the site performs as you would expect.

Update 23.55

Thanks to the SayNoTo1890 user who has already contacted me about searching via the mobile site. I hadn’t noticed that it was missing, but I’ll follow up now to see how I can get it to work.


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