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E-mail from Aer Lingus regarding geographic alternatives

Aer Lingus LogoThis interesting (in parts) e-mail came from the seemingly unhelpful people in Aer Lingus regarding a geographic alternative number published on this site for their customer service 0818365000 number.

With regard to the listing below. Please ammend it as it is inacurate.
0044 208 234 4333 is London Accounts Dept only. We cannot and do not help with Customer Service & Reservations. We just ask them to redial the correct number.

Aer Lingus Customer Service and Reservations 0818365000 – Call Instead 00442082344333 (this is a UK number, so use on Skype or if you have UK minutes bundles)

It’s worth noting two particular things here:

1. Aer Lingus make money whenever their Irish customers have to call this 0818 customer service number. You’d almost think it was in their interest to provide a crap customer service just so they can make more money on the phone calls.

2. UK customers of Aer Lingus aren’t forced the inconvenience of having to call such a premium rate number – they get their own geographical alternative number.

Great to see an Irish business looking after tourists and visitors to Ireland – it’s just a pity they’re shafting us here in Ireland at the same time.

I have responded to the person who sent me this e-mail asking why they don’t give the same courtesy to Irish customers that they provide UK ones, so we’ll see if there’s any response.


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